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Nationally, outdoor spaces are in desperate need of active efforts of inclusion and radical improvements to engage diverse populations. Barriers such as safety, costs, access, exposure, historical trauma, and underrepresentation prevent BIPOC communities from holding their space outdoors.  Pigtown Climbs, came from the distinct need for space where the Southwest Baltimore community can heal, grow, be inspired, and empowered. Our organization identified a vacant lot that had been inactive for over 60 years and have been working to creat that space for our neighbors.

Since forming in 2020, Pigtown Climbs blossomed into a collective initiative that is committed to engage, inspire, and use our platform to promote environmental stewardship and health initiatives in South West Baltimore.


Our Mission

To use climbing as a means to promote racial justice, health, and environmental initiatives within Southwest Baltimore.

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

Our vision is to work in collaboration with the Southwest Baltimore community to transform an overgrown lot in the Pigtown Mainstreet corridor into a beautiful and accessible outdoor climbing and gathering space. 

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