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with Pigtown Climbs at the ToolBank

The ToolBank is growing with Pigtown Climbs! The expanded inventory is adding affordable outdoor recreation equipment. The inventory is for groups and organizations who want to increase access to the outdoors!

Contact for questions!

Become a Member

The ToolBank Lending program is free for qualifying partner organizations and they have year-round access to our inventory of tools and equipment for a nominal fee.

The GearUp Lending Program

provides access to additional outdoor recreation equipment available for $10/month and the small fee charged per item. The $10 per month helps support Pigtown Climbs to grow the inventory. The small fee per item helps the ToolBank maintain and manage the equipment!

Member Fees + Benefits

​GearUp Membership Benefits:

  • 7-day gear rentals are all less than $5 for the week

  • Instruction on equipment use

  • Discounted guidance and consultation on your group's next adventure

  • First, notice when new gear is added to the inventory

  • Minimize environmental impact by sharing gear

  • Eliminate storage, maintenance, and upfront costs for equipping your programs


  • Organizations and groups can join for $10/month (this cost helps expand the Gear up inventory)

  • Rental Fee is 3% of the Product Cost

(this covers storage and Maintenance )

Please reach out to if your organization needs additional financial support. 

GearUp! Inventory

The GearUp Lending Program is a growing inventory of outdoor recreation equipment! 

You can see the GearUp! inventory using the link below:

Donate Gear

We hope to continue the expansion of our GearUp inventory! We are looking for camping, climbing, and fishing gear that are in good condition! 

Fill out the form below to share the items you would like to donate:


We are looking for 1-2 people to help us manage and expand our GearUp Inventory and Pigtown Climbs Merch ! If you are available and willing send an email to!



Special thank you to our individual donors and ReImagine Outdoors for helping us build our current inventory!

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